Change of Currency and the loss

It ha continuously been spread by the media that the change of currency in India was in favour of the common men, but the reality was upside down. While working at the grassroots that time I have seen the vulnerability of the marginalized people the Farmers or the Labourers and the daily wage earners were in the worst conditions that time as they had to go for getting their small amount of money and had to be there in the lines, standing whole day and not able to work.

Promised money always came in less % just before a day of election. All the protests are defamed with the strategy of sending paid fake protesters shouting illegal slogans 😦 and ruining the spirit of the protest itself and killing the dissenting voices and the saddest part of the story is that one huge loss of almost 9 crore had been incurred by the Reserve Bank of India. Many billions have been waved off for the loan taker business men but only a few lacks subsidy and Minimum Support Price for the farmers Products and to support the National Food Security Act 2013 has been called a huge burden on the economy, this prejudiced and artificial dilemma has been part of the present government which is increasing the gap among Indian poor and the rich classes and therefore more discrimination and more and more suppression of the human rights and rightful voices.

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