May be at times but we need to change it for creative new generation.

Though it is said in the funny way but from where the funny things come? They come from our observations and therefore they have some truth too.

And this kind of things start from joke and later turn into the serious things as they keep setting somewhere in the back of our mind and then it becomes dangerous.

This picture says that the male partners want a female partner who looks like a Miss Universe and works like a deaf and dumb made.


A female partner wants a male partner who earns like Ambanies and keeps mum all the times.

Both are correct in many cases and that is really a disturbing fact for the peaceful co-existence of the families and cause break ups.

Rather than making fun of these facts we need to change the picture where none’s ego comes in and both respect and care for each other and give a happy environment to the coming generation to make it creative.

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