The Former PM of India: Dr Manmohan Singh

Actually we criticized him a lot for being quiet and seemed under pressure of the arbitrary people in the Government.

Though it is true that he did not speak up but he quietly managed to do many things which otherwise the corrupt ministers in the congress government and the other post holders. But he never compromised with the national interest on his part.

Really missing him as the then people in power also wanted to bring things like the present Government but he still worked hard wisely despite his two bypass surgeries. And his work was in the national interest. Also he had spoken not a lot in vain rather whenever needed.

Though the present Government head speaks a lot but on the issues out of the country he is more concerned and sincere, For the issues within the country either he is spreading lies or is quiet for the public interest rather has worked hard only to visit temples or to address the election rallies.

It is really unfortunate to see that at times our elected representatives do advertise for the private corporate houses as well. These are crucial times when this person is misusing his power to weaken the economy and befool the general public and that person is being missed as he was quietly working in the public interest and had saved our economy twice when the world economy was under depression or the nation was at the verse of the devastating stage.

Salute to Mr Singh.

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