The complex nature of Resume

This is what we are supposed to do in the resume and this makes two way difference.

At times the right person is left behind even after having capabilities or talent and the one with less zeal or hard work or intelligence occupies the seat just because of the presentation and it becomes like even is you have the lesser quality you can sale the goods if you can present it well or attract people or can make up things to befool people.

But on the other hand the quality to satisfy people and influence them unconsciously is really important as without that your talent is nothing.

So you have to have both but the people’s skills are more important than anything. We need to learn how to present what we have and show ourselves an outstanding candidate.


  1. I agree with you completely. Presentation is very important. With poor presentation, one may lose very many opportunities that they already qualify for in skill. But we have to match the good presentation with quality work. Good post

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