The big blunder in biggest Democracy

India is considered as one of the biggest democracies of the world and there is happening the big blunder that we the people of India who are well educated and talented go and caste our votes to those who are either metric fail or trying to manage some false degrees any how.

And then we except from them that they will work for our development who have already been their thinking that politics is a business where they are first going to invest money in the form of drugs/liquor/last night drama by payment of money or show off of helping people. And later they are obviously going to snatch it from others and in that race they loose their character and jut try to grab money from all the possible ways, also the pain of the poor becomes a way of entertainment for them. In this dirty business the major chunk comes from the big corporate houses and in turn they want the politicians to be their mouthpiece and work as their watchman and they do it while distorting the trust of all.


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