Why the Supreme Court of India is coming in between this way?

This is good that the Apex Court of India has intervened finally, but was not expected to be defensive this way while trying to protect the Government cleverly, while showing mercy to the farmers.

It seems that the image of the Court, of being blind follower of the Government has made it look down upon itself. Is this what the Court is feeling or is it the another emotional game being played with the farmers??

These doubts are because till date the court was nowhere and now also they are rather than talking on the legal issues, talking under pressure. It was really good to see that the Apex Court has accepted that the right to dissent has to be protected and the Government needs to talk with the open mind. Also that the earlier consultation before making the laws was missing therefore we may hold them and asking the Government why they must be implemented right now. But on the other hand it seems to be just a step in intervene in the protest so that it doesn’t gets longer. And why they just are speaking in a way that the protesters need to go back home and the way the doubt of violence has been shown that too while asking women and elderly to go home, seems to be a warning from the Government that they may take violent steps ahead of the Republic day as that will be the time when the whole world will be having eyes on India.

Also the another big thing to doubt here as they have already done it many times. They want the protesters to leave the place in the name of the committee, and later on they may repeat the same things which they have done earlier and all of us know that once this huge protest is taken back it will neither be able to gather back nor the government will let the people gather.

Now the things are coming ahead as the Supreme Court has declined the claim of the Agriculture Minister and the PM itself that they have been told that the bills are in favour of the Government. Rather the fact is that not even the RSS supporter Farmer Groups are in favour of these bills though they are not able to protest in open for their vested interests but are not even supporting the laws as well. And now the Supreme Court has also said that they did get many applications against the bills but not even single in favour of it.

Now you can think of it, another thing is that the argument that he is not even have any family then how can he be corrupt but the question is also that the present Government has sold out all the Public Property in the hands of a few corporate houses, none is there to ask where the money has gone and how come all the government agencies are gradually going into huge loss as soon as the related reliance agency comes up.

They say that a farmer’s son cannot be the one who is studying in English medium or writing on twitter or on blogs. But my father is a small farmer and any how he managed to teach me does not mean that I cannot write here. They are just trying to spread the things that we farmers have no right to speak up and if we are using any public platform to read and write then we are not farmers, its because the Manu smriti (a ridiculous rubbish book written to diminish the value of Vedas as vedas of were logical and were letting everyone read and write as a result everyone could take informed decisions, which was not acceptable for a handful of people. Therefore this book was written.).

Two years back jio came by reliance, spread free internet and cheap mobiles, stolen data from people and spread fake news among the innocent via media or social media sources. So that people’s minds can be washed with fake messages and doctored videos. Now most of the people are with jio sim so whenever they want they just do the server down and people cannot spread message and videos from the place protest. Also it has let the BSNL already down and now the covid game is being played to take attention away from the farmers issues earlier it was hidden behind the shushant singh rajpoot case. Every long going news on all Indian media is run deliberately only to hide many Government decisions taken to hinder the national interest and people have already been mind washed therefore not much youth are coming up ahead unless they are getting harmed directly and if the Government finds that people are getting their cunning ways then they just blame the earlier Governments which is now no more relevant as they are in power for last 8 years now.

There are so many schemes in the picture in the names of farmers newly made as well as made by earlier Governments but none except 2-3 are reaching to the intended beneficiaries. especially insurance things are more and they are most misleading. Farmers and the poor had always been just the vote banks or elections cards for each government till date.

I do not no how many more things I can mention more and which way to put them, but there are many more small small things said by this government in the name of farmers but made to benefit to the corporate houses. 😦 and on those things the role of the judiciary had been doubtful therefore I don’t know how reliable steps it can take this time, while still not seems to be as firm as it must be. It seems that now Government wants to save its face behind the Judiciary otherwise more and more people are coming ahead to support the protest. Also Government is trying to divide the protesters in the name of small or big farmers and also trying t divert people’s minds by starting some violent incidents like one happened in the meeting by Haryana CM. But the truth is a few days back some BJP workers were submitted to the police who came to start some violence at the protesting place. Likewise those who went to dismiss the CM’s meet were also most likely be the paid violent protesters and not the farmers. Also the public property is mostly harmed by the Government itself and not by the peaceful farmers, had that been the case the Government was already ready to suppress them fully in a cruel manner.

Finally I wish that the Apex Court takes the lawful and not prejudiced stand in this case. So that the constitution wins and the Justice is done. This is also necessary for the image of healthy Judiciary. Else in the coming years people may get provoked to take laws in their hands and not to obey the rule of law, which is a threat of going into the state of absolute anarchy and no democracy, while halting the future of India.

*vews are personal after listening to some videos from the place of protest and talking to people and the picture is from the internet.


  1. Nice post. I wass checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Very useful information specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot.
    I was looiing foor this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you annd bes of luck.


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