A Life-partner or a Husband??

एक स्त्री का पति बनकर उस पर अधिकार करने और उसके जीवन का सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुरुष बनकर उससे सम्मान पाने में काफी अंतर है।” It says that there is a lot of difference between being a husband to control his lady and being the best man in her life to seek her respect.

The point is it all depends on us how we want to live. Whether we can simpley live without any social pomp and show t be dragged into our personal lives or to get them all into our head all the times while ruining our own lives. It applies both ways on men and women but mostly the male ego is too big that it comes in everywhere touching all the aspects of his life so much as in the present day wide spread patriarchal societies it is too prevalent to get rid of it without conscious efforts.

A man wants respect and so wants the woman, which they can easily get by respecting and caring the other partner. Now you may say that anyone will start that and the other one will follow then automatically, therefore where is the problem??

The problem is in our vocabulary which we unconsciously practice without realising that it is actually so cruel at times that we even follow things as per those ridiculous words and do not want to replace those habits to understand that the other person trying to be with us is feeling discomfort. And mostly it is the case with male partners as they are said to be GODs for their Wives therefore the word HUSBAND i.e. a controller.

I have seen many fellows in my university or neighbourhood or extended families that they do not want to even use the word life partner to replace husband (PATI- the owner of the lady to JEEWANSAATHI); forget about the behaviour as a partner. This is the truth with the so called elite class or highly educated people as well. They may be very liberal in the social life to seek appraisal but when it comes to the personal life with their wives they become too cruel with them like animals and not at all considerate towards their feelings many times. Rarely a few or handful of people you may find who actually and happily walk with their wives as partners.

I have observed that it is the frustration that they cannot show to the world like the office place where orders are given or taken , and in some families too the healthy discussions are mistaken with arguments with the elderly and therefore they are not allowed to share their feelings and on the top of it sharing feelings with mothers or wives awards them with the tag of coward. Whereas the fact is whether anyone accept or not, all the humans are social creatures and therefore need to share their feelings with someone and if that someone is their partner then life becomes too smooth and if that is not the case them situation becomes miserable.

At the end of the day fact is that CHOICE is YOURS!! So CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!


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