Religion: the Divider in fact

We see in the real world that many times religion is used as a tool to unite a certain group of people. But actually the other side of the same picture is really devastating as this unites people in such a way that they cut off from the rest of the society and other groups around with whom they must be peacefully co-existing.

In the given Picture Leo Tolstoy had said that if you want to destroy a country you just need to make its people fight in the name of religion. And in my belief or little experience while trying to understand the societies around, even if they are not pushed against each other in the name of religion then too some day they will show hatred as they have been brought or kept together with a certain fear to be bound by it. That fear of uncertainty makes us frustrated somewhere and we are unable to express ourselves fully as a result we become more prone to have differences and misunderstandings to protect the same and while protecting it we are bound to break peace. In reality there is no need to protect any religion under the sky, if that is promoting human values but if it has certain controlling compulsions then we become weak somewhere inside. Once we feel weak we easily become violent.

Same is the case of families. Male chauvinism tries to bind females in the name of religion and they always carry the unnecessary burden of protecting their supremacy because the nature has not made anyone superior rather all the natural creations have the same value, forget just about humans. Because we all have the purpose to be here (many times we humans miss that); and have a task assigned o nurture the nature and when we do not do that then the nature has its own ways to recover like COVID at present.

Oops!! I lost the track. So we were talking about the families where male partners are more visibly violent and aggressive and most of them try to justify it under the shadow of religion, which is really ridiculous, since we humans have emotions for sure and to release them we need love and care far more than aggression and money is not the symbol of care rather sharing emotions is. But many of the male fallows think that sharing emotions and life struggles is a weakness and if they share emotions with their life partners then she may disrespect them rather the truth is opposite; in most of the cases women start loving and respecting them more.

Religion has put people out of the religion and women at the place of enemy or property; whom they always want to make their slaves and control; this way religion makes us forget the human values and respect or equality for all. This is where I call religion a divider. Also because we have learnt many fake mythological stories imposing certain things on females I have realised many times that intentionally some force us to be confined but most of them do it unintentionally as they are too deeply colored in the shade of religion that without conscious realisation it is really hard for them to come out of it.

Please do share your opinions too, that will always be respected on this democratic platform, irrespective or being agree to disagree.


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