Know about WHO internship programme

WHO, being the leader in global public health concerns, is committed to construct a sundry pool of future leaders in public health sector. WHO’s Internship Programme presents a wide range of opportunities for UG and PG students to grow insight in the technical and administrative programmes while elevating their acquaintance and skill in the health field, to further contribute to the improvement of public health.

Who are they looking for??

– min age 20

– enrolled in a course of study at a university or equivalent institution leading to a formal qualification (Graduation or just passed it in last 6 months)

– completed three years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent institution prior to commencing (bachelor’s level or equivalent) the assignment.

– possess a first degree in a public health, medical or social field related to the technical work of WHO or a degree in a management-related or administrative field.

– not related to a WHO staff member as immediate kin

– fluent at least in one of the working language of the office of assignment.

– not previously participated in WHO’s Internship Programme.

– hold a valid passport of a WHO Member State.

How can you Apply??

Candidates from the world at large are invited to express interest in specific areas of work and organizational locations (like- regional /country offices).

All applications must be made through the vacancies posted on the WHO Careers site, while using the WHO corporate recruitment system (Stellis).

Update on Application process

Internships opportunities are presently limited due to the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) and the confinement measures in place in several countries.

 Please check the Internship Vacancies page to have more information.

Objectives of WHO

– Provide an outline for assigning PG students from diverse academic backgrounds to WHO programmes that can augment their educational understanding through practical assignments.

– Depict students to the occupation of WHO.

– Give WHO programmes with input from students specializing in a range of fields. Mostof them are placed in health-related programmes, while other disciplines can also be measured as fitting such as communication, human resources or external relations.

The length of WHO internships is between 6 to 24 weeks depending on the needs of the WHO technical unit and the intern’s availability.


New Support

As of January 2020, WHO provides stipends to students in need. The amount will be indicated for each position the students apply to.

WHO provides to all interns a medical and accident insurance. All costs of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the intern candidate.

If you want further information please refer to the website of the respective office.

Please visit for internship opportunities

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