London to Delhi flight #Travelling_Uk_to_India?? #all_about_your_flight

Hello friends,

Sorry it took some time for me to ask people travelling aftere as I traveled recently too but my friends travelled just last night so sharing many combine experiences with you guys.

First of all there is q lot of fuss about traveling abroad I got fever out of tension for the reason that traveling Internationally and managing everything alone that too with the vague rules and almost everything was a new experience. But you need not worry much.

Just follow the steps here and go ahead and please please do not panic much about the corona test at London and the filling of docs at Delhi airport, here they’re too confused to imagine that they’ll make you run here and there for no reason and finally you will find out that all that process you had already gone through.

So just read it and go ahead

Same facts not and earlier

  1. Book your tickets and fill the self declaration form at the Delhi Airport Website under the heading Air Suvidha
  2. Please do not Book the RT PCR Test at Delhi Airport in advance as the value keep changing and refund is really a panicking process
  3. Go for your test for corona and the time (72 hours) Is calculated will be from the time you took the test and not the time when reports came (I was too much panicking to I did this blunder and had to go through the test twice)
  4. Get Your boarding pass online no need to pay extra for your seats (as I did being novice silly mistakes) unless you really want a particular seat
  5. Keep Photocopy of your passport, printout your boarding pass, self declaration form and one more form in case your airlines send you via email (Not all do that like Air India does not)
  6. Go to airport 3 hours before (bot earlier) with all your safety Measures (as there you will find no social distancing)
  7. Be patient as lot of time it is going to take to check in as most of the people at counter are confused with one or the other thing and therefore fully irritated
  8. Also please help those who need there are many elderly who are facing lot of trouble
  9. Once you check in you go through security check where you have to keep your electric items, cloths Like overcoat etc , beg and shoes in separate plates and go straight to collect them the other side.
  10. Then go see your gate number at the screen boards and go to the waiting area.
  11. There your Temprature will be checked and you will be given mask, sanitizer And other things in a kit
  12. after that you get into the flight and you have to take your water and all on your own as the staff will come rarely at your services due to corona.
  13. Once you reach to the Delhi Airport you will be given several vague and confusing instructions but try to clarify if they can and Then do not go along the people who are resident of Delhi unless you have to stay in Delhi itself.
  14. For those who are going out of Delhi by road the print out of your self declaration form is enough no other state servilance or any other declaration form need to be filled as many officers asked me first to go at the test area and then many directed back to the entry gate (where we came out of the flight) but then I asked one sensible person and showed him that both the forms are asking the same information therefore why need the other form whole just wasting time to go back 15 minutes walk and stand up in long queue for an hour?? He agreed.
  15. Here we need to submit just the self declaration form and one copy of ur passport else get it’s photocopy from the other counter and submit.
  16. Then pay the fee if you have not paid earlier (better carry Indian rupees).
  17. It is said that now the fee has been reduced from rs3500/- to rs800/-

Difference after 23rd Feb

  1. Now the change is that you do not have to wait for your test results
  2. You can leave as soon as your test is done
  3. Your fee is reduced
  4. You will be unforgettable sms
  5. Earlier we had to wait for 6 hours till the time all these passengers were tested negative and those tested positive and those sitting nearby or ahead or after them were sent for the self paid isolation
  6. Your passport etc won’t be kept there
  7. Just collect your luggage and go your way

Wish you happy journey.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments box

Take it easy I was much afraid but it’s all OK. Just be safe and sound. Listen to instructions well on board but outside be careful as many officers are themselves confused but they will mislead you coz they don’t wanna show their ignorance of rules 🙊🤐🙈🙉

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