Thought of the day

I found it true and actually we can make or mould the lives of kids either way like we may let them grow naturally and support where they get bigger difficulties or can make them have fear of silly things like rituals/religion/anything with ‘if’ and say things like if you cry u r coward or if u share feelings with wife u r not a real man or u r supposed to take control of ur wife or husband else u r silly these things actually happening till now and I have also seen people causing violence on wives in the name that one person in the family gets happy with that and if these ‘educated men’ (in reality their minds are caged since birth) won’t do that Then they are supposed to commit sin of breaking a family coz that so called chief is not happy, at times they are so dead within that even if the so called chief beats their mother Or sexually harrass their wives they don’t object because They are females born to be tortured ano if they object the hunter master then it’s against the family unity 🤔


  1. Beautifully penned down Ma’am, if you want you join in as a Co-author in my new book “I’ll be there for you.” Do check out my new blog for details.


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