Rajasthan Charitable Trust (RCT)

RCT is a London based organisation that helps the poor students from Rural Rajasthan (one of the most economically, educationally & socially backward places in India) with a vision to have no kids (who are willing to study and showing zeal) must be deprived of education just in want of finances or motivation.

I being a person who faced struggles for education, can understand that how important is it to help such kids in need. Though during these times of pendamic it is really hard to seek support for education… Since people are more concerned about health issues. There is nothing wrong in that but if we ignore education we will generate more of unskilled unemployed youth who will be prone to indulge into any criminal activities. That will bring another pendamic where the society will remain under constant fear of crime/ violence, no justice will prevail, everyone will be exploited abd victimised in one or the other way. Also, we know that in Govt. schools kids cannot even afford electronic gazettes for online classes therefore RCT is one organisation i have found who are planing to help atleast to their adopted kids with the same and will continue their support till the time they start their livelihood.

I found these people reasonable and wanted to support their cause, therefore I’m here to request you that please help these guys to further the basic cause and if you cannot support them financially please atleast spread a word among friends/ people/ organisations you know. 🙏🙏 It will be a great help.

*this organisation does not help people on the basis of any caste or religion rather they help students with above 75% marks (in 10th standard) from any Government school in Rural Rajasthan, whose family is not able to support their further studies.

This Year they were supoorting 15 students. Hope, to support more in the upcoming session.

Please visit their website for further information. https://rajasthancharitabletrust.co.uk/


You may contact them at the following email address –

Please support the cause to create a better world to live in.

Kindly reblog and share in whatever way you find suitable.

Thanks for your time and kind support

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