Sketch for schooling : Promoting the cause of Education

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As i have mentioned in the last post that Rajasthan Charitable Trust is promoting the cause of Education for the poor rural kids from the remote areas of Rajasthan.

It is without any discrimination of caste or creed or religion or any other thing. Just the only criterion they have put is to support kids who have secured above 75% marks in the 10th standard while studying in a government school and now not able to afford further education without a support.

For this reason I’m trying to extend my efforts to make sketches for thia cause which can be purchased here for the amont of GBP 50/- each along with the postal charges.

Those of my friends here are interested in this contribution can send me any of your pictures and I’ll make a sketch for you and post it to you, the original copy.

You can either message here or can contact the charity organisation directly… Payment will be made to the charity account only, I’m not going to share any money, just will take the postal charges.

The Contact email is and can also share the photo you want a sketch for, if interested.

Else , you can help the students with direct donation too as per your wish, the link you can find here.

Thanks for your support, please spread a word about it among your other circles too.

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