Life is beautiful, live it carefully!!

To some of my readers it may seem to be right and to the others it may seem to be totally upside down. Yes, all of you are right in fact!!


See we can discuss that here…

When we say life is beautiful it is half truth because the nature is beautiful but we have to make our lives beautiful and that is only in our own hands. None else can help in that. In fact many times in our lives good or bad things happen, we have to struggle a lot at times it is with our emotions, at times it is for money, at times for our loved ones and so on… but then after some time we realise that struggle was good but the tension we took was unnecessary.

I just want to make you focus at this stage only, because each one of us knows this all but we do not realise it often and therefore we must keep on motivating each other to make this world a better place to stay and feel more connected and safe in the given circumstances of life. We have to accept certain things which are actually beyond our control like life or death and then we have to control our emotions for any one under the sky because the more emotions we invest for someone the more we give them power to play with our lives and then we start expecting naturally or at times when they do not react or respect our love then we assume certain things in want of proper communication. And one day they take advantage of us being emotional and play with us. Only parents are exception to this, as they do every thing for you. So better we be mature enough to make some distance in any relation and have proper communication so that misunderstandings do not get space and if the other one is not ready to share thoughts or emotions with you then you better get warned before hand and stay away from the toxic relationship.

With this I want to say that most of us get the times when we can do better with our lives but we keep on crying that why did someone cheated us or did something wrong with us, now no point crying for that or thinking of revenges because both of these things are going to ruin your life only, the other person is not going to get affected. So better focus on your own life. Once you start loving yourself the energy you used to waste on others will remain with you an you can use that into more creative tasks and you will go ahead. Once you achieve success the world will follow you but not when you are still on the journey.

Once you realise that you are the only one who is there for you from birth till death, you will love yourself more and believe me none else can understand you better than yourself. Never have regrets at the end of your life that you forgot yourself and kept loving others and running behind them to seek the pious love as you have invested into them. It is very rare when you get back the love you invest into others because id you are actually a pious heart and honest soul only you or your parents will trust you and will not misuse it, may be your siblings or wife (as in the patriarchal society their life and reputation is still considered to be connected with you) or husbands (only if they are beyond the conservative patriarchal mindset and if they really care for their wives as part of their lives, which is still a rare scenario) also favour but out of that whether blood relatives or not they will feel jealous of your success and success is not being a money making machine rather being a good human being is a great success along with the career achievements. So whether or not your family and friends love or understand you, you need to spend sometime with yourself and then you will find the real happiness and will be more connected with yourself, the universe or nature and the family as well and in a bit different way which is more relaxing you and giving you peace of mind.

I must mention something here that it is okay to smoke or drink or watch anything or do anything in a way you want unless that is a crime. But the point is that at times people try to find happiness in smoking or drinking or watching porn (all day) or having sex every time (some people even treat their wives as an object to give them sexual pleasure and serve them like the goddess Laxmi always at the feet of God Vishnu), or cheating others or treating people or the poor badly and there lies the problem. These are people who are empty from within and have frustration since childhood because they did not get any way to express their emotions in front of their family or friends, as they were brought up with certain conditions or imposed assumptions like you are a particular gender so behave in a particular way (eg girls are supposed to be quiet and bear everything around and boys are not supposed to cry or talk about their struggles they can only sought at others and blame females for the wrongs in their lives as they cannot be wrong at any cost or they are supposed to be a money making machine) and in this rate race or controlled life either they die from within or they get certain habits where they release their frustration and since they are sad they want to make others sad as well and this is how because they were victims of un/known crimes now they become perpetrators of the crime, this is how domestic abuses happen as an organised crime where the entire family things that girls are outsiders and they cannot be friends with their own husbands and if they are loved and respected they will break the family but the truth is the other side of the story that girls (mostly) make the family better and more united when they get love and respect.

But these things develop with a course of time and we need to keep a check on our habits that the love for something must not become lust for something and we can do that better once we talk to ourselves and love ourselves. So friends love yourself and make your lives beautiful, because you are the only one who is master of your life and none else can treat you as a puppet. The universe is there to support you but first support is expected from you and the nature will follow you.

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