Farmers: our past and future- emergency bills to ruin them

Actually while reading history I have found out that the farmers and indigenous people were the real freedom fighters and not the song called leaders we read generally. Just because these were people who didn’t know how to get publicity and get highlighted they are hidden behind the big names. Likewise everytime our economy wasContinue reading “Farmers: our past and future- emergency bills to ruin them”

Farmers n bills some queries

8 questions related to farmer Bill’s and their implications.Q1. After becoming the PM, did Modi repeatedly promise the farmers 50% more than the produce price?Ans: Multiple times including from the Parliament.Q2. What did his govt tell the SC when the farmers approached it, after he went back on his promise.Ans. “The govt cannot afford toContinue reading “Farmers n bills some queries”

Have you ever seen a PM like a this??

Selling everything (mean public property at lease for a century) to these corporate people just for a handful of money. And when people ask for their rights they are defamed and killed. Even those journalists dares to speak the truth have been killed. Do if you want to live in India either keep mum orContinue reading “Have you ever seen a PM like a this??”

Farmers got All groups support

The news report says- There is a support Indian farmers are receiving from all religions and groups, even Sikh and Muslim religious groups are supporting but the much uploaded religion in India the Hindu groups are still hidden even though the biggest Hindu group RSS’ (which largely forms BJP The rulling party)’ farmer wing BhartiyaContinue reading “Farmers got All groups support”

Devils rulling, hell is empty

Looking at the Ruling Classes today am reminded of Shakespeare’s thoughts that “Hell is empty and all.the Devils are here.” That’s absolutely true when we see that the same people in the parliament show tears on stage in the name of farmers and soldiers when they have to seek Votes by making people emotionally foolContinue reading “Devils rulling, hell is empty”

Class based love jehad

#love_jehad … You must have heard of this term for sure if you are an Indian or take interest in the news from India. This is a very low standard political problem which raises it’s head every now and then. it basically targets the middle class inter religious marriages, by creating unrest in the nameContinue reading “Class based love jehad”