Ambassador and Diplomat

Who is a Diplomat? A diplomat is someone who goes to another entity with the authorization of their head of the state. He is an ambassador carrying their accreditation to another sovereign authority. However, there is confusion whether or not anyone other than an official ambassador can be a diplomat. There are ambassadors in otherContinue reading “Ambassador and Diplomat”

Success and failure of Diplomacy

Success of Diplomacy As we know that the ‘dialogue’ is the first or basic need for the process of diplomacy to start and keep it going. It was always the part of Human Affairs since the evolution of ancient civilization when the leaders of tribe used to send their delegates to represent their say toContinue reading “Success and failure of Diplomacy”

Qualities of a Good Diplomat

As we have seen that diplomacy needs communication, representation and negotiation and the basic of all this is a dialogue. Therefore, basic quality of a good Diplomat is that of a good communicator, who can hit when the iron is hot and for this he need to have patience, perseverance, and creative enough. At timesContinue reading “Qualities of a Good Diplomat”

कूटनीति क्या है? What is Diplomacy?

Hello friends!! जैसे ही हम सुनते हैं ‘कूटनीति’, तब सबसे पहले हमारे दिमाग में क्या आता है?शायद हारी नज़रो के सामने ऐसी प्रतिकृति दौड़ने लगती है जिसमे देश का कोई नेता दूसरे देश के नेता से हाथ मिला रहा होता है या फिर किसी संधि पर हस्ताक्षर कर रहा होता है. दशकों से यही परिभाषाContinue reading “कूटनीति क्या है? What is Diplomacy?”

The Coronavirus in India!!

Yes!! Dear friends!! Your have read it correctly, it is a Big Coronavirus which has attacked the heart of India recently and it is even more dangerous than the once which came from China. Why is it more dangerous? Because, the one born in China is just taking the lives of the people affected withContinue reading “The Coronavirus in India!!”

And the Delhi elections results are out!!

(Sorry for the delay in this post… it was due from 11th of Feb,2020, when the election results were out… but that time I was too overwhelmed with joy to write anything:D) Yes finally!! the much awaited and much bluffed about, election results are out. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party- common mens’ party) has won theContinue reading “And the Delhi elections results are out!!”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2

Now we come straight on the agenda issue… most of us were thinking some sensible outcome atleast at the time of the capital city elections, but it has proved itself as a totally hopeless party, breaking my heart entirely when I tried to analyse the things and connected the dots after listening to them orContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2”

Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1

Though you might find it worthless to talk about it since the biggest rulling party of India at present has no agenda for the development forget about the sustainable development and therefore I found it important that how people can be befooled and even after the rubbish is so clearly thrown on the faces ofContinue reading “Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1”

Yet another Godse to kill Gandhi ???

Hello Friends! you must be thinking or wandering, that what I wanna say today or what am I upto?? There is one photo with this post, you can see. Actually I want you to focus more on the background which is not that clear but still the fact is quite visible that those are theContinue reading “Yet another Godse to kill Gandhi ???”

Readers’ questions to be replied

I have received some questions or comments on my post calling India a Republic??? Though the questions I have posted there are after the experience of twelve years, while being in touch with the people at the ground and reading about these policies and laws, and trying to know their impact and implementation at theContinue reading “Readers’ questions to be replied”

Just a ‘Thank you’ with a ‘Smile’ matters

Everyday when we are going out somewhere or walking on the streets or travelling through local public transport etc we meet some important people like the Road cleaner/the Postman/Driver/an elderly person passing by. I have realised and experienced the joy of spreading smiles, because whenever I see any of them i just share a smileContinue reading “Just a ‘Thank you’ with a ‘Smile’ matters”

Look beyond the CAA outcry in India

Governments have always played this game since British era and we need to have it under control now by keeping sharp and smart eyes on it. This is high time when we need to look beyond the long time running controversies in our country, to understand the real things going beyond them. These days IndiaContinue reading “Look beyond the CAA outcry in India”

देश शब्द के मायने क्या हैं?

चलो आज विचार करते हैं कि जब भी देश शब्द ज़ेहन में आता है तो हमारे दिमाग में क्या आता है और क्या आना चाहिए?जी हाँ, सही कहा आपने सबसे पहले तो हमारे देश का नक्शा आता है, उसके बाद? देश है क्या आखिर? भारत क्या है? आजकल अपने देश में बहस तेज हो गयीContinue reading “देश शब्द के मायने क्या हैं?”

I love my India/Country: what do we mean?

When the word “country” or “India” comes in your mind, what do you think of it? Being an Indian, these days I am listening a lot of this word, a thousand or more times a day, may be. So i was just thinking of it. What it actually means? I have asked many of thoseContinue reading “I love my India/Country: what do we mean?”

Food for thought…Please think and suggest

What and why we think or observe a difference among indifferent people? When there is nothing like that, in reality. Who r we???? hindu or muslim???? when there is “ALI” in diwALI & “RAM” in RAMzan, then y r we thinking that which religion we belong to ???????? plzzzzzzzzzz help India in being united’we areContinue reading “Food for thought…Please think and suggest”