सांसों के सुल्तान

“40 साल से दे रहे हैं, जग को सांसें।बाबा, श्री Sultan Singh Dhaka, आप एक ऐसे सख्स हैं जो अब तक न केवल 10 हजार से ज्यादा छायांदार पेड़ों को छायांदार बनने तक पाल चुके हैं बल्कि हजारों ऐसे पीपल भी जीवित कर चुके हैं जो किसी पुरानी हवेली या जगह पर उग आए औरContinue reading “सांसों के सुल्तान”

You will be amazed to know Mr Alok Sagar

None can imagine who he is. Yes he is an indigenous person. But I will say that rarely anyone will try and guess that how much he is educated, unfortunately because we are habitual of guessing it by dress or outer get up. He is Former Professor from IIT Delhi. Laks of money he letContinue reading “You will be amazed to know Mr Alok Sagar”

Traced 76 missing kids -Proud of you my sister : Seema Dhaka

Delhi policewoman promoted for tracing 76 missing kids in last 3 months Out of the children Seema Dhaka, who is now an assistant sub-inspector, traced, 56 are younger than 14 Updated: Nov 19, 2020, 20:56 IST By HT Correspondent | Edited by Sameer, Hindustan Times New Delhi Full report at this link- https://m-hindustantimes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/m.hindustantimes.com/delhi-news/delhi-policewoman-promoted-for-tracing-76-missing-kids-in-last-3-months/story-kHBp092luFX6m84AduJYHI_amp.html We actuallyContinue reading “Traced 76 missing kids -Proud of you my sister : Seema Dhaka”

My favorite trio from India!!

From right to left I’ll introduce to you all there of them. The right most and tallest of all is Late Mr Dara Singh Randhawa, Indian Professional Wrestler, actor and politician. The middle one is Padm Sri Milkha Singh former Indian track and field sprinter. And the Left most is the Wizard of Hockey LateContinue reading “My favorite trio from India!!”

#Prayas #प्रयास #TISS #मानवता_की_सहायता #help_humanity

Dear friends, Prayas is a project of TISS that works with people who are under trial prisoners, children in crime and women who are forced into prostitution and their families. दोस्तों, प्रयास प्रोजेक्ट विचाराधीन कैदियों, अपराध में नामित बच्चों और वैश्यवृत्ति में धकेली गयी औरतों और इन सबके परिवारों के साथ काम करता है। SomeContinue reading “#Prayas #प्रयास #TISS #मानवता_की_सहायता #help_humanity”

श्री राजेश कुमार मंगावा

बाँसुरी से सिख ले सबक ए जिंदगी,छलनी है सीना फिर भी मधुर गुनगुनाती है !! यह वाक्यांश श्री राजेश कुमार मंगावा पर यथार्थ चरितार्थ होती है| श्री राजेश कुमार मंगावा पर लिखी यह कहानी एक ऐसे बालक की असाधारण प्रेरणादायक कथा है, जिसे हर किसी को पढना चाहिए| वह साधारण सा दिखने वाला बालक अपनेContinue reading “श्री राजेश कुमार मंगावा”

शेखावाटी के शिक्षा संत स्वामी केशवानंद !!

आज हम बात करने वाले हैं शिक्षा संत स्वामी केशवानंद जी की।उनको शत-शत नमन🙏🙏 करते हुए मैं आगे बढ़ती हूं। युगपुरुष स्वामी केशवानंद को याद करना इसलिए मुझे जरूरी लगता है क्योंकि उन्होंने अशिक्षा के घनघौर तिमिर से आच्छादित हमारे सुदूर ग्रामीण रेगिस्तानी इलाकों में शिक्षा की ज्योति 📖 जला कर ऐसी दामिनी 💡 प्रज्वलितContinue reading “शेखावाटी के शिक्षा संत स्वामी केशवानंद !!”

Neeraj Gurjar: The Brave Football Girl who fought with Cancer

Hello friends!!Today we are going to talk about the brave girl named Neeraj Gurjar, who has come back to life after winning the battle against cancer.This brave Football Girl hails from a small village called Hasiyawas, in Ajmer district of the state of Rajasthan in India. She was living happily and dreaming high about herContinue reading “Neeraj Gurjar: The Brave Football Girl who fought with Cancer”

नीराज : कैंसर से जंग जीतने वाली फुटबाल गर्ल

*English translation coming soon in next post. टूटे हैं, मगर हौसले अभी जिंदा हैं।हम वो हैं, जहां मुश्किलें शर्मिंदा हैं।जी हां! आज हम बात करने जा रहे हैं ऐसी एक बच्ची नीराज गुर्जर के बारे में जो नन्हीं सी उम्र में कैंसर से जीवन कीजंग जीत कर आई है.एक नन्ही सी जान देश के एकContinue reading “नीराज : कैंसर से जंग जीतने वाली फुटबाल गर्ल”

“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -3 …… His dream project – in the Video

Tree plantation is the major work of his life, then comes fighting the cases (though he is not an advocate but he pays the fees on their behalf because the legal aid lawyers are of no use, they either do not want to work or they lack skills) of De-notified Tribe people (whom none wantContinue reading ““The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -3 …… His dream project – in the Video”

“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -2

Well so we will today talk about his journey ahead. After being the university topper he got selected for being the Physical Education Teacher. Many of his students have played in National Events and some in International Events as well, but then, as happens in many cases in India, if a village man is ableContinue reading ““The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -2″

“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -1

He is famous with the name “GURUJI” in the locality and villages nearby, the word means the teacher. He was born in a small village, named Basni, with no facilities in the name of development except one Govt School till Primary level. The pious day was June 30th, 1956. He was the 9th child ofContinue reading ““The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -1″