Help me, for Education

Hello friends,I help poor tribal kids to connect with education and spread legal awareness, but in need of support now.Please spread a word among your circle… If anyone can help me… i secured admission for masters at Keele University, UK, (also at London School of Economice, Sussex and Lancaster but this one is the instututeContinue reading “Help me, for Education”

Education out of reach

(your views will be important please share your ideas for possible solution) There are soooo many students who were not able to access to schools and now when we have tries to arrange classes for them, corona epidemic has spoiled everything’s as we cannot take risk with these poor kids by getting them together inContinue reading “Education out of reach”

Food distribution- at my work place!!

In these times of distress, the most vulnerable people are the daily wage workers. If we can help them out somehow, then it will really be great. Thanks to Mr Sultan Singh (the founder of this settlement, about whom you have read in last few posts), who helped me out in bringing the community issuesContinue reading “Food distribution- at my work place!!”