Water purifier for Soldiers: Dr. Vikas Janu

Brave man Dr. Vikas contributed a lot in the journey of Defence Lab Jodhpur to invent a Water purifier to convert dirty water into edible one as in the remote areas in desert, hilly, icy and muddy places, it was really hard to get potable water. Also these are areas where people are not visibleContinue reading “Water purifier for Soldiers: Dr. Vikas Janu”

What’s Your Emotional Intelligence? What EQ Is, How It Differs From IQ, and Why It Matters — Maybe It’s Just Me

When it comes to life success, what’s more important: book smarts or street smarts? Cognitive intelligence (IQ) versus emotional intelligence (EQ) is a topic debated by many. Some believe the most successful people are the brainiacs of the world, while others say the emotionally savvy have the upper hand. When we were young, our parents instilled […]Continue reading “What’s Your Emotional Intelligence? What EQ Is, How It Differs From IQ, and Why It Matters — Maybe It’s Just Me”

You are not replaceable

You Are important, never underestimate yourself. This Feeling is also Source of energy and well being for you. Try it out. Trust yourself, talk to yourself because you are the most beautiful and important person in your life. Everyone is unique because nature never goes purposeless. If you won’t value yourself none else is goingContinue reading “You are not replaceable”

Increase speed of mind with💧 find 🤨👇

Yes, it’s true if you drink water and work it’s speed is higher than before. try it and enjoy. Yeah that’s true and that is why notice sometimes when you are fully concentrating or during exams or when you are seriously busy to meet the deadlines you need more water as your mind is moreContinue reading “Increase speed of mind with💧 find 🤨👇”

Capacity to Smile or laugh

Humans are the only creatures with capacity to show their happiness through laughter or smile. so keep smiling it keeps your mood lighter and positive and spread happiness among those around you. this won’t take anything out of your prosperity rather will make your personality better. so laugh and smile whenever you get chance, ofContinue reading “Capacity to Smile or laugh”

Menstruation and ring finger

Menstruation is sign of health and responsible for new life. It is really important that this is quite on time and in proper way. You might be calling me crazy but it’s really important to know, especially for those girls who bear lot of pain during #monthly_cycle or #periods or menstruation. why?? Because there isContinue reading “Menstruation and ring finger”

Ring In a particular Finger

This is what I learned a few days back that the ring is associated with a particular finger (especially the marriage ring) simpally because it has the veins connected with our reproductive organs and if the accupressure points keep on pressing for better blood circulation. This way like the marriage ring is always in theContinue reading “Ring In a particular Finger”