स्त्री Woman -1

Please close your eyes, calm your mind and think what kind of a picture or thought comes into your mind. It will be majorly affected by your ideology or thought process. Some see their daughters/mothers/wives/sisters/friends/girl friends or some see them as a goddess or some see as slut or some see as rebellious women likeContinue reading “स्त्री Woman -1”

स्त्री भी इंसान है ‘धन’ नहीं Women are also Humans not ‘property’ or goddess

This is a painful truth for any woman, especially in India where she has to leave her home and stay with the entirely unknown people, she has to adopt all their habits but (Majorly) none of them try to adopt her values or accept her as she is. Even though they have liked her firstContinue reading “स्त्री भी इंसान है ‘धन’ नहीं Women are also Humans not ‘property’ or goddess”

“MARD” is this really painproof creature??

The term ‘Mard’ used here means Man. In India it is a negative impact of the bollywood in one movie there is a dialogue which says ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota’ means males do not feel pain or they do not cry. Those who were young during later 1980s had a great impact of this.Continue reading ““MARD” is this really painproof creature??”

Girls!! You are born Brave!!

Dear Girls!! Though, there is no gender superior or inferior but still the nature has its way to show what is there and it has been proved by the science that even if there are less chances of conceiving a child in a mother’s body and by chance the mother is very week too evenContinue reading “Girls!! You are born Brave!!”