The Former PM of India: Dr Manmohan Singh

Actually we criticized him a lot for being quiet and seemed under pressure of the arbitrary people in the Government. Though it is true that he did not speak up but he quietly managed to do many things which otherwise the corrupt ministers in the congress government and the other post holders. But he neverContinue reading “The Former PM of India: Dr Manmohan Singh”

May be at times but we need to change it for creative new generation.

Though it is said in the funny way but from where the funny things come? They come from our observations and therefore they have some truth too. And this kind of things start from joke and later turn into the serious things as they keep setting somewhere in the back of our mind and thenContinue reading “May be at times but we need to change it for creative new generation.”

This is happening in many countries

They do vote to some people despite the fact that s/he is taking away their honor or their rights away or I should better say that taking away their future from their hands and befooling them while snatching their resources and giving them to the rich or the corporate houses for far less cost atContinue reading “This is happening in many countries”

This is how fake news is spread :(

This is just an example of how the fake news is spread. When our hon’ble PM went to the state of Sikkim for the inauguration of its first Airport, where he said that the scheme of Slipper to Airplane has been successful. Where he said that the last Government had built only 65 airports inContinue reading “This is how fake news is spread :(“