My little Heroes

The sweetest, smartest and most handsome (by heart and soul too) people I know on this earth 🤞🤞. These are people who despite being younger to me, are my ideal, I owe a lot to them and need to learn a lot from them. They are my life since the day they are born, theyContinue reading “My little Heroes”

सांसों के सुल्तान

“40 साल से दे रहे हैं, जग को सांसें।बाबा, श्री Sultan Singh Dhaka, आप एक ऐसे सख्स हैं जो अब तक न केवल 10 हजार से ज्यादा छायांदार पेड़ों को छायांदार बनने तक पाल चुके हैं बल्कि हजारों ऐसे पीपल भी जीवित कर चुके हैं जो किसी पुरानी हवेली या जगह पर उग आए औरContinue reading “सांसों के सुल्तान”

Some memories never fed

A decade and couple of years now… like this one… A poem from my roomie My friend who was and is really close to my heart 💞😘 just got this card where she wrote it to me more than a decade ago. Love you Taru 😘😘


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rachana. A Law Graduate and social activist, I became a freelance writer in 2020 during lockdown. I spend most of my time with my Family and books but this blog is for my love of Poetry and to stay in touch with the like minded people! For motivation, learning and sharing I have started this blog.

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